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Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Confused about what web conferencing, webinar, video conferencing, webcasts could all mean? If your business has not started using the internet as a medium of communicating within companies and with customers then you are missing out on a huge market.  You can essentially use the web to not just communicate through different social networks and emailing but you can also use the web medium to conduct businesses worldwide. Here is a break down on how you can use web communication tools for your business.

Web conferencing – what is it?

Web conferencing is an interactive tool with which you can conduct face-to-face  meetings over the web. With the help of web conferencing platforms or your own equipment you can get in touch with off- shore locations of your company to discuss a variety of issues such as research and development, recruitment and training, etc. Web conferencing is just like being a part of a meeting. It is interactive, and two way communications are always open. It is a great way to offset costs that are incurred from travel expenditures. Web conferencing allows you to discuss various aspects of your business with your employees across geographical locations at a low cost. The various tools that could be used are video input and output, audio input and output, and computer screens, or television screens and other desktop applications to share notes and presentations, etc.

Web conferencing and webinars

Often a web conference is a video conference that uses video streaming of all the people involved in the meeting. It is more interactive than a webinar. While a webinar is a teaching tool with a specific goal of showcasing a product or service, a web conference is broader and has a meeting component where individuals come to discuss and decide various aspects of their business. A webcast on the other hand is just a one-way communication, like a television, a webcast only present’s information on a certain product, service or topic for the purpose of broadcasting. There is no interaction with customers.

Video streaming is used in all three modes of communication. In web conferencing it is used so that individuals can interact, in webinars, video streaming is used to communicate information from an authority to attendees of the webinar. Video streaming is used in webcasts to only provide information; it is a one-way street.

What tool to use for which purpose

The costs of web conferencing, webinars, video conferencing and webcasts all vary depending on what the goal is. If the goal is discussion among member of a company with individuals present in different locations then video conferencing is a useful tool. However, if your aim is to increase B-to-B sales and lead generation then using webinars to do that is a great idea. If on the other hand you want to record trainings, or market your product you can also do that with the use of webcasts.

Web conferencing up-and-coming

If your business requires a lot of communication with off-shore location then you might want to invest in video conferencing tools rather than renting a platform to do this. You can also consider buying your own webinar equipment if your business requires it on a day-to-day basis.

Regardless of the reasons, in today’s world, if you are a serious business you will need to invest in web communication modalities and especially in web conferencing.

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